Updates for Saturday, January 24

*** We will post whether to cancel school by 7am on Saturday morning (see our Handbook, page 20, “school cancellations”) ***


With so little snow so far this winter, no wonder the weather people are all over our potential first significant snow storm this season, which – unfortunately for us – is timed to hit on a Saturday! However, the forecast models are still being run and updated, and if anything, it is sure to be wet and messy tomorrow. We advise everyone who is commuting to school, to leave early and to drive carefully! We are in contact with the Town of Lexington who will inform us typically the night before if they will not to open the school building. So stay tuned – we will post updates here, on our Facebook page, and send out an e-mail, should we have to cancel. School cancellations will also be posted on WHDH’s school cancellation service. (In case of school cancellation, our make-up day is on April, 25, 2015)

So far, school is scheduled. Please take note the following events that are planned for tomorrow:

  • Last day of AATG German Testing for the following classes: 6A Neumann, 6B Thuswaldner, 8B Schumann. All students are required to bring their own laptops and headsets. Students should have taken the AATG practice tests on the laptop that is being brought to school to ensure that all necessary browser settings etc. are working.
  • DSD II Sprachdiplom candidates will have their last official class before taking the individual oral exams on Sunday. Good luck to all of them!
  • Parent Speaker Series: “How to bake bread at home”, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm in the cafeteria

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