2023/2024 Registration

Please join us on Tuesday, May 3rd, 7:00-8:00 PM via this link for our virtual open house. We will give an update on our plans for the upcoming school year and the registration process.

Registration for returning families is now open. Please use this registration link and login with your family ID and password.

Online Registration Dates

Registration will take place during the following time frames: 

Registration for current families (including new siblings):March 25 – April 22, 2023 
Invoice date for current families:April 23, 2023 
Payment due date for current families (to avoid late fees):May 7, 2023 
Registration for new and waitlisted families:  May 6 – May 27, 2023
Invoices and payment for newly accepted families:June 2023 

Preference for Returning Students

We guarantee classroom space for returning students who register and pay by May 7, 2023. We do our best to accommodate all returning families, but cannot guarantee spaces for siblings (in the majority of cases this is not a problem). Please note that siblings have priority over students in new families. Registration will be open at 10am online on dates listed above only. Please register as early as possible as this will help the registration team with ensuring a smooth placement process.

Tuition for the 2022/23 school year (rates for 2023/24 will be available soon)

One child (all grades except 12th grade):      $1,535
Additional child (all grades except 12th grade):$1,050
PS Supplement$170 
KG Supplement$170
1st Grade Supplement$100
DSD Supplement$50
12th Grade (DSD II, half year):$790, $520 sibling
Tuition cap per family (four or more children):  $4,700                                                                               

The tuition rates include books, supplies, library privileges, and all exam fees.

Parent Helpers

A $300 discount per family is applied to your invoice if you choose to assume one of our parent participation roles.

During registration, all parents who wish to participate are asked to indicate three areas in which they are interested to help out – in order of preference.

The school notifies parents of the task to which they have been assigned with the acceptance package prior to the beginning of the new school year.

If you do not wish to participate as a Parent Helper, please select “non-participation” on the online registration form. In this case, the rebate will not apply.

Additional Fees per family

Registration Fee:$50 
Late Payment fee: $200 
Payment Plan fee:  $50  

These additional fees are non-refundable.  

Tuition Assistance Program

The school may be able to provide some help with tuition payments to families with exceptional financial need through the school’s modest Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). If you think you may qualify, please review the policy first and use this form to apply.          


All children entering our preschool class must be 4 years old by August 31, 2023 and toilet trained. It is recommended that they have previous preschool, playgroup or day-care experience. Parents of preschool applicants need to show their child’s birth certificate or passport on the FIRST day of school as proof that the child meets the age requirements. Failing to provide proof of age will result in the loss of the place in the preschool program at the German Saturday School Boston. Tuition will be refunded according to our refund policy.

Sprachdiplom DSD I und DSD II Students

If your child wishes to continue their studies of German beyond 9th grade next year, you need to register your child by April 1. Acceptance of registered students for a Sprachdiplom class will be contingent on a teacher recommendation (you should have received a recent communication from the principal explaining the requirements for these classes). If it turns out that a student cannot be accepted to a Sprachdiplom class, the tuition payment will be reimbursed upon request (for other refund policy, see below). Current DSD II Students who are continuing with their DSD II program for their second year (“12th grade”) will only need to pay reduced tuition.


If your child is on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) in his or her regular school, please indicate this on your online enrollment form under your child’s “Applications” tab. Also, please provide the principal with a copy of the IEP documentation before the beginning of the school year.

Refund Policy

Withdrawals must be submitted to the registrar in writing: registrar@gssb.org. Tuition (minus any applicable additional and transaction fees) will be refunded as follows:

Withdrawal prior August 1, 2022:100% of the tuition
Withdrawal prior 2nd day of school: 75% of the tuition
Withdrawal prior 3rd day of school:   50% refund
Withdrawal after 3rd day of school:    no refund                      

Late fees, registration fees and Payment Plan fees are non-refundable. The non-participation fee, if paid, is refundable. If a child has to be dismissed from school, tuition will be refunded in proportion to the amount of Saturdays left in the school year (minus any applicable additional and transaction fees). This rule does not apply if the student is expelled from school due to a disciplinary incident, in which case the tuition and all fees are non-refundable.

Registration Confirmation

Please note that a completed online application and confirmation of full payment constitutes acceptance of your registration.
Packets with class assignments will be e-mailed at the end of August to all students with a confirmed registration for the 2022/2023 school year.

School Location

All classes will be held at the Diamond Middle School at 99 Hancock Street, Lexington, MA 02420. If you have any questions, please contact the registrar at registrar@gssb.org.

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