School Location

All classes are held at the William Diamond Middle School 99 Hancock Street Lexington, MA

Directions / Parking

There are two access roads to the Diamond Middle School (DMS) and two parking lots with a connecting road

From the South on I-95 North:

Take exit 31A and merge onto Route 4 (Bedford Street). After about 1/5th of a mile, turn left onto North Hancock Street until you get to a traffic circle. Take the 3rd exit from the circle and follow the road to the parking lot in front of the main entrance of the school. NOTE: The Town of Lexington has reduced the size of this parking lot (September 2017).

From the North on I-95 South:

Take exit 32B. On Middlesex Turnpike turn left. After approx. half a mile, turn right onto Adams Street. After about a mile, turn right onto Hathaway Road and take the next one left: Sedge Road is the connecting road to the South entrance of DMS. (this side adjacent to the soccer fields – see below). NOTE: This parking lot is now the larger parking lot.

Parking Advisory for the Spring/Fall

During the fall & spring weekends, the town is using the fields adjacent to DMS for soccer practice on Saturday mornings. For parents seeking parking, please be advised that the parking lots fill up quickly and parking along the roads leading to DMS (Sedge Road) as well as the connector road from Hancock Street have to be used.