Our leadership team is composed of our Principal and Vice Principal as well as the School Committee, consisting of currently nine members. They work in tandem to uphold our mission of immersing students from diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds in the cultures of German speaking countries, thereby fostering their appreciation of global citizenship.

Academic Leadership

The Principal leads the faculty at the German Saturday School Boston and is responsible for developing and overseeing the curriculum. She is supported by the Vice Principal.

Claudia Bonmassar, Principal

Hanna Luecke, Vice Principal [email]

School Committee

Our all-volunteer School Committee sets forth the school mission and policies, and manages all aspects of its operations. It reports regularly to its authorizing body, the Boylston Schul-Verein in Walpole, MA.

School Committee members are typically parents of students and can remain on the committee for a maximum of two terms of three years each. While the committee collectively works together on general school policies, each committee member has been assigned to specific work areas.

The School Committee members for the 2022/2023 school year are:

Holger Kunst, Chair

Dr. Ines Dwyer, Parent Volunteer Liaison [email]

Jennifer Brideau, Communication/Marketing [email]

Stephan Richter, Library Liaison [email]

Dieter Berger, Treasurer [email]

Michael Sassin, IT [email]

Dr. Rainer Haarbusch, Strategic Initiatives [email]
Jenny Jolig, Operations [email]
Dr. James Downs, Events [email]

Dr. Inga Claudia Wienhöfer-Simard [email]


Yvonne Case, Front Desk Manager

Yvonne has been involved in GSSB since 1998. Her four daughters have graduated from the GSSB, and her 3 sons are currently enrolled at the school.

Her previous experience at the school includes various substitute teaching assigments as well as parent volunteering. Yvonne is originally from Bern, Switzerland, and immigrated to the US in 1986.

In her current position, Yvonne is responsible for setting up and running the front desk. She is the point person for teachers, students, parents and visitors.  Yvonne can be reached at

Daniela Mrozinski, Assistant to the Principal

Daniela joined the GSSB community two years ago shortly after she moved with her family from Germany to the US. While helping out in various classrooms, she also joined the administration team last year to assist Claudia Bonmassar with administrative tasks and support Yvonne at the front desk every Saturday.

In Germany, she has worked in an accounting department and additionally taught French in several kindergartens.

Since 2019 she teaches her own class at the German Saturday School Boston. Daniela can be reached at

Irina Mavrodieva, Registrar/Controller

Irina Mavrodieva administers the registration and financial operations at GSSB.  She holds advanced degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from Northeastern University, and is a licensed CPA in the state of Massachusetts. Prior to joining the school, she has worked in the financial sector for 16 years focusing on audit and financial reporting. Besides working in the administration, Irina is also a GSSB parent.  Irina can be reached at