The school is administered by our Principal and an all-volunteer School Committee consisting of currently nine members, supported by an Administrative Manager. All of these positions are supported by parent volunteers working on various teams.

School Committee

Our all-volunteer School Committee sets forth the school mission and policies and manages all aspects of its operations. It reports regularly to its founding organization, the Boylston Schul-Verein in Walpole, MA.

School Committee members are typically parents of students and can remain on the committee for a maximum of two terms of three years each. While the committee collectively works together on general school policies, each committee member has been assigned to specific work areas.

The School Committee members for the 2017/2018 school year are:

  • Annette Pein, Chair [email]
  • Dirk Fieberg, Registrar Liaison [email]
  • Christian Wagner, Parent Volunteer Liaison [email]
  • Jennifer Brideau, Communication/Marketing [email]
  • Joanna Charmant, Events [email]
  • Annette Sievers, Library Liaison [email]
  • Peter Lohse, Treasurer [email]
  • Oliver Gros, IT [email]
  • Stefan Peukert, [email]

Claudia Bonmassar, Principal

Our Principal brings with her more than 25 years of teaching experience, along with advanced education degrees from Tufts University and Innsbruck University, Austria. Claudia is well-versed in the program and culture of the German Saturday School: After joining our faculty in 1992 and leading a classroom for 10 years, she was promoted to Head Teacher and then took on her current role as Principal. Claudia, a native Austrian, has a solid background in foreign language instruction. She has taught middle school, high school, university, and adult education classes in Austria, France, and in the Boston area. As an administrator both in Europe and the U.S. she has coordinated study tours, facilitated guest speakers, organized teacher workshops, and served as a university supervisor, managing and evaluating student teachers. As an educator and mother of two children, Claudia has chosen this path because she truly appreciates the German Saturday School as a place for people to stay connected. Claudia is currently also a staff teacher for German at the International School of Boston/Lycee International de Boston.

According to Claudia, “The German Saturday School is a place for students and their families to stay connected to their heritage, but also opens the door to families for whom German is a new and exciting adventure. Our challenge is to provide every single student with the appropriate tools to achieve our main goal: the ability to actively communicate in German.” Claudia can also be reached at

Heike Hrinishin, Administrative Manager

Heike Hrinishin joined our team in August 2006 as Administrative Manager. She is familiar with the school as both a parent and a team leader in our school library, where she volunteered for many years. As a native German with an education as a foreign language correspondent and translator, as well as administrative experience in Germany and the U.S., Heike is well-suited for her role as Administrative Manager at the German Saturday School Boston. On a more personal note, like many families at our school, she has been raising her three children bilingually. The German Saturday School has become a part of Heike’s life, and she is “looking forward to making everyone’s school experience happy and successful”. Heike can be found each Saturday staffing our office space at the Diamond Middle School in Lexington or can be contacted via