About Us

Founded in 1874 by the Boylston Schul-Verein, the German Saturday School Boston is dedicated to teaching the German language to children ages 4 through 17. The school strives to immerse students from diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds in the cultures of German speaking countries, thereby fostering their appreciation of global citizenship.

Our Community

We take pride in a strong community of families, teachers and students who stay with our program for a number of years. It is not uncommon for children to attend our school from preschool through high school. Along the way, students build long-lasting friendships and develop an appreciation for the German language and culture.

Our strong sense of community is further supported by our dedicated parent volunteers. Each Saturday, our parents volunteer to organize events, staff the library, help with school management and serve on the School Committee.

Our History

Founded in 1874 by the Boylston Schul-Verein, the German Saturday School Boston is the oldest language school for children in Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on our experienced, dedicated faculty and our all-volunteer School Committee, as well as our core of motivated parents, who volunteer their time to make the school a special place.

After more than 40 years at Boston University, the German Saturday School moved to the Diamond Middle School (DMS) in Lexington, MA in September 2012.  The DMS now provides a place to teach all children in all grades under one roof.

Our Associations

Our school is an active member in the Association of American Teachers of German (AATG), the German Language School Conference (GLSC) and the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association (MaFLA). We enjoy the support of the Zentralstelle für Auslandsschulwesen (ZfA), the German Consulate, the German International School Boston, the Goethe Institute in Boston, as well as Boston University. Since 2009 our school is part of the international PASCH network of German Schools Abroad. We are also a member of the Weltverband Deutscher Auslandsschulen.

Our Policies

The German Saturday School Boston does not discriminate by race, color, religion, sex, age, country or ethnic origin. To view our school’s rules and regulations, please refer to our 2021-2022 Student and Parent Handbook. See also our Unlawful Harrassment Policy page.

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