Registration Information for the 2020/2021 School Year

We are excited to be welcoming all of our GSSB family back!

Kalender 2020-2021 final

Parent Handbook 2020/2021

The GSSB will provide online only instruction for grades 1 through DSD2.2 from September 12th to May 2021. There are several reasons for this decision:

  • The Town of Lexington informed us that they will not rent the Diamond Middle School building to us in September. We recognize that many families prefer some form of in-person instruction. However, without a physical school building, we can only provide online instruction for the coming months. 
  • The search for and setting up at an alternate location requires time and careful planning, especially during the COVID pandemic, which cannot be completed by September to offer safe in-person instruction. The School Committee is undertaking a careful search for a new location with the intention of starting in-person instruction in January, provided that MA health metrics allow us to do so. 

Refund of $75/student for 2020/21: 

Our highest priority continues to be to offer high-quality German language instruction in a cost-effective manner to as many families as possible. In order to address concerns about the cost-effectiveness of online learning, we have carefully reviewed our anticipated expenses for the coming school year. Since there will be some savings in rental costs, we can offer a refund of $75/student for 2020/21. However, we encourage you to consider donating the refund to the school for future teacher professional development initiatives.

Additional Professional Development: 

To ensure the highest quality of German online instruction in the fall, the School Committee has provided the Faculty with additional funding specifically for professional development regarding online curriculum delivery. We also shared the results of the parent feedback from both surveys with our faculty in order to ensure that parent concerns are met to the extent possible.

Registration packages for all enrolled students will be emailed at the end of the month. They will contain additional detailed information about the start of the school year.

The School Committee and the Principal appreciate everybody’s flexibility as we work diligently to prepare for the coming school year in a responsible and responsive manner. I wish you continued good health and an enjoyable summer!

Tuition (All tuition rates have been adjusted with a $75/per student refund for remote learning).

1st Child (Preschool-11th Grade): $1,320.00

1st Child (12th Grade): $625.00

2nd and 3rd Child (Preschool – 11th Grade): $870.00

2nd and 3rd Child (12th Grade): $400.00

Max. Tuition Rate (Family of 4 or more children): $3,850.00

Adult Class (11 weeks, spring semester only): $395.00

Additional Fees:

Preschool and Kindergarten Supplement: $150.00

1st Grade Supplement: $100.00

Registration Fee: $50.00

Payment Plan Fee: $50.00 (waived for the current 20/21 school year registration period)

Tuition Refund Policy:

    • Prior to August 31st, 2020 – 100% tuition refund
    • Prior to the third day of school – 90% tuition refund
    • Prior to the fifth day of school – 50% tuition refund
  • The tuition payment deadline for families, who registered during the first registration period (March-April) has been extended to June 7th.
  • The installment payment fee has been waved for the current registration period and the school offers tuition payment in three installments:
    • June 7
    • July 31
    • Sept. 1

The German Saturday School Boston (GSSB) is pleased to offer a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).  Please see here for additional information, as well as the application form. Applicants must submit a completed application form (below) and all supporting documentation to  

TAP Policy 2020-21

TAP Form 2020-21

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